Unlock the Secrets of Ayurveda and Start Saving Our World:

  • Learn to Digest Your Life

    Unbalanced pitta (our fire element the rules our digestion) makes us frustrated and controlling. Learn to truly digest your life and become a balanced leader in our world.

  • Come Back to Your Senses

    Unbalanced vata (the air element that rules our nervous systems) makes us anxious and overwhelmed. Learn the daily, weekly, and seasonal routines that will make you feel grounded in your life and in our world.

  • Cultivate More Connection

    Unbalanced kapha (the earth element that gives us structure) makes us feel depressed and isolated from the connection we need to thrive. Learn how to harness the power of true connection and gain the skills to create more supportive community.

  • See Yourself as a Visionary Leader

    When our self-care is working for us, we naturally are able to give more to others. Learn to use the self-care secrets of Ayurveda to become a visionary leader for social change in our world.

Course curriculum

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    • Revolutionary Ayurveda Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Revolutionary Ayurveda Introduction (audio) FREE PREVIEW
    • Lesson #1: Digesting Your Life and Balancing Pitta (video)
    • Lesson #1: Digesting Your Life and Balancing Pitta (audio)
    • Lesson #2: Coming Back to Our Senses & Balancing Vata (video)
    • Lesson #2: Coming Back to Our Senses & Balancing Vata (audio)
    • Lesson #3: Cultivating Connection and Balancing Kapha (video)
    • Lesson #3: Cultivating Connecting and Balancing Kapha (audio)
    • Lesson #4: Putting Ayurveda into Practice with Visionary Leadership (video)
    • Lesson #4: Putting Ayurveda into Practice with Visionary Leadership (audio)
    • "What's Your Self-Care Visionary Leadership Style" Quiz

Course Investment

Ayurveda teaches us that our life has meaning. It reminds us how deeply we are connected to each other. Invest in the self-care that fosters this connection and reveals a whole new level of self-care. It will change our world.

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What others are saying about the Revolutionary Ayurveda Course:

“I loved the Revolutionary Ayurveda Course! Gracy distills some fairly complex Ayurveda concepts into very down-to-earth tools for everyday living. The modern contexts she uses and the examples she offers shows her deep understanding of this beautiful science. As a result, I now have a better working relationship with Ayurveda through each day and night and season than ever before! I have put so much to use right away and will be referring to the course as the seasons and my life change. I highly recommend Gracy’s course for anyone seeking a fresh and very accessible take on Ayurveda! ”

- Lizabeth- Lizabeth

“For years I had been curious about Ayurveda, but I didn't want to hear some "get healthy quick tips/get a slimmer body with Ayurveda/Ayurveda hacks to work harder" BS. For this reason, I jumped at the chance when Gracy, a trusted guide in anti-capitalist self-care, offered her Revolutionary Ayurveda course. This course taught me so much about the beautiful wisdom of Ayurveda and how to structure my life around rhythms - daily, weekly, seasonally, and over the course of a lifetime. As a result, I've built in intentional time every week to plan my self-care, committed to eating at the times that suit me (apparently I'm not a total weirdo for wanting to eat lunch at 10am!) and support my body, and have looked deeper into my resistance to sticking to a bedtime.”

- Em - Em

“This course is a goldmine of self care nuggets! I was familiar with Ayurveda before, but the way that Gracy presents the materials is so clear and inspiring. I loved it so much that I would listen to one portion and then spend a week digesting the information before moving on to the next lesson. I can honestly say this program solidified my self care practices both at home and work”

- Crystal - Crystal